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Sex Story - Paula

Paula discovers her need to sexually dominate and abuse young women.

Porn Fiction - Sex Slave For A Day

A male sex slave is used and abused by his demanding mistress.

Erotic Fiction - The Postmistress

A lesbian submissive postwoman delivers more than she intended.

Erotic Sex Fiction - Jean

A mature milf is fucked by a stud and seduced by two young lesbians.

Porn Story - Samantha

Young Samantha is trained by her mistress to obey men and women.

Erotic Fiction - Wet Patsy Watersports

Wet Patsy likes to tie girls up and piss on them.

Adult Fiction - Rape

A woman wants to be raped and her rapist gets a surprise.

Submissive Carol

Carol gives herself away for a weekend to be used by a sexy couple.


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