Erotic Fiction

Erotic fiction is writing designed to arouse. ADULTS ONLY!

Samantha - Erotic tale of the training of a 19 year old innocent.

Sex Slave For A Day - Erotic fiction about a man enslaved by a woman.

Rape Nightmare - Erotic fictional story about a woman determined to be raped.

Paula - Erotic story of a woman's discovery of her dominatrix nature.

The Postmistress - Erotic fictional femdom story about a woman finding a lesbian sub.

Jean - Erotic story of a mature woman liberated after many years of stifling marriage.

Quickie - Erotic fiction about a fast sexual relationship.

Wet Patsy Watersports - Erotic watersports fiction.

Submissive Carol - Erotic fiction about a girl who decides to do anything she is asked to do.

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Good reasons to read erotic fiction and female porn novels.

Erotic Fiction For Women

Free online British erotic fiction for girls. Free Cliterotica

English Erotic Fiction

Erotic Fiction in the UK is British and we are proud of it. I was looking for for dirty stories to make me horny and these porny stories soon had me cumming.

Amelia Rousing writes erotic fiction for women. Cliterotica, herotica, gentle stories to excite when you want a long slow wank for which women's erotic fantasy stories are sexy, lusty, relaxing and exciting. erotic fiction by amelia rousing