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Sex Slave For A Day

Chapter 4: Donkey Cum

She came over and cupped her hand around my balls. She squeezed, then squeezed harder until she saw me wince.

"And less of that sarcasm," she said.

"Yes, madam," I said in my best eunuch voice.

While I was reading the instructions on the nut loaf packet, Lucy came back with the handcuff key and liberated me. But only so I could open the bottle of wine, I suspected.

I took her a large glass of wine. She was at the garden table. It was a beautiful, balmy evening.

"Massage my shoulders, slave," Lucy said, stretching

I relaxed her shoulders for a while, hoping she might want other parts of her anatomy attending to also, but I was soon dismissed to get on with the cooking.

When I had done the salad I went to get the wine from the cellar. The cellar key hung above the cellar door in the hall, presumably to stop the kids getting in and falling down the stone steps.

But when I opened the cellar door there were no stone steps. Indeed no dark and dank cellar. Instead a fine wooden staircase led down to a gymnasium. Exercise bike, rowing machine, weight lifting machine, one wall completely mirrored, it was all there. Some of the original features had been kept, like the beamed ceiling and the meat hooks and chains, but apart from that it had been completely renovated.

What used to be a separate corridor-like coal cellar was now a floor to ceiling wine rack - unfortunately empty apart from half a dozen bottles. Maybe the wine stock would be where John's next bonus would go.

The chardy was in a box on the floor. I took a couple of bottles up with me and put them in the fridge.

We ate a very pleasant meal, both sitting at the table, both drinking the wine. In fact we ate dinner quite normally - except that I wasn't wearing anything - but then again that was quite normal at Lucy and John's.

"I didn't know you'd had the cellar done?" I said.

"Didn't you? We had it done months ago. I thought John had given you the conducted tour."

Later, when I had cleared away the dinner things, I was about to suggest to Lucy that maybe I should be going when Lucy said: "Shall we watch a video?"

I don't know why, but my pulse raced.

I was instructed to go and get a wooden box from their bedroom wardrobe. It had a combination lock. Lucy opened it and took out a video tape.

"Put this one on," she said.

I set the video going. Lucy took her shorts and shirt off and lay naked on her front on the sofa, her arms folded under a cushion, her head on the cushion.

"Stroke me with the glove," she said.

I found the glove in the box. It felt as though it might have been mink it was so soft. I sat on the floor and began to caress her back with it.

On the screen two girls were rollerskating along a sidewalk behind a beach, arms around each other's waists. They wore half length T shirts and tiny shorts that left half their bums exposed for the following cameraman's admiring lens. They had Walkmans, or perhaps they were microphone transmitters, on their belts. This was all in a public place. They stopped to chat with the occasional stranger and they attracted many lustful glances.

One of the girls stopped to tighten her laces. She sat down on a low wall. The camera zoomed in on her front. The girl let her knees fall wide apart as she pulled at the laces. The camera closed in on her crotch. The crotch of her shorts hardly hid anything, you could see most of her cunt. In the background people could be seen going about their business.

Finally the two girls alighted upon a lone girl sitting cross-legged on the beach beside her bicycle. They asked her what her name was, she said 'Marcie'. Marcie kept looking at the camera and it seemed that she was genuinely someone they had chanced upon, not a member of the cast.

"We're making a film, would you like to be in it?"

"You're making a film?"

"Uhuh. Modelling, glamour, you know."

"Modelling, glamour?"

Marcie was to repeat just about every word that was spoken to her.

The next shot was indoors. Marcie was sitting between the two lovelies on a long sofa.

"OK, Marcie," girl no.1 said. "Just walk up and down."

"Just walk up and down?"

Marcie got up and walked up and down. She was wearing a pair of baggy shorts and a particularly unsexy T shirt. When she turned back to her hosts they had both stripped off their tops. Marcie looked genuinely surprised.

"Hasn't she got nice boobs," girl no.1 said of girl no.2, putting her hand under girl no.2's breasts and lifting them slightly as if to show them.

"Uhuh," Marcie said cautiously.

"Do you want to take your top off, Marcie?" girl no.1 said.

"Take my top off?" But she didn't want to. Marcie walked across in front of the two girls, looking at the camera. Behind her the two girls were pulling off their shorts.

"Do you want to join in, Marcie?" girl no.1 said.

Marcie obviously didn't and had presumably walked out. The two girls looked at the camera shrugged their shoulders and laughed. You can't win them all.

The two girls were next seen out on the pick up again, but this time the girl they found was obviously a member of the cast trying to act the surprised innocent. And a tonguing threesome ensued. This plot was repeated again with another cast member.

But in the fourth act they skated past an outdoor cafe. On her own sat a tall black girl with close cropped hair. They skated past, not seeing her because of an awning, but one of the crew obviously called her to their attention and they skated back and introduced themselves, as Americans do.

The black girl was not the sort that blue movie starlets are made of. She was thin, yes, pretty, yes, but not the perfect hair, huge tits and clothes carefully arranged to reveal as much as possible.

It soon became obvious that the black girl, Whitney, was herself on the pickup that day, on the pickup for another girl, that is.

When she was asked if she wanted to be in a movie Whitney was a lot quicker on the uptake than Marcie:

"A blue movie?" Whitney said. "Three sisters together?"

"That's it," girl no.1 said. "You game?"

Whitney couldn't believe her luck.

Then they were on the sofa, Whitney in the middle.

"I think you're real pretty," girl no.1 said to Whitney, putting a forefinger under Whitney's chin and kissing her.

Girl no.2 started to caress Whitney's breasts. Girl no.1 put her hand up Whitney's skirt, Whitney helpfully opening her legs. Girl no.2 pulled Whitney's shirt off, girl no.1 pulled her skirt off. Whitney was now in her knickers only. Girl no.1 gathered Whitney's knickers into a string and pulled them up tight into Whitney's cunt crack. Whitney was kissing girl no.2. Girl no.1 seemed determined to cut Whitney in two, pulling the knickers up so tight that Whitney eventually protested. And she wasn't at all keen when the girl she was kissing started to squeeze her nipples so hard that it hurt. Whitney pushed them both away.

"Hey, wait up, what gives here suckers? I ain't into this pain kick. Is that what this is all about?"

All this time I had been watching the video intently and at the same time stroking Lucy's back, legs and bottom with the mink glove. Lucy sometimes watched the video, sometimes turned her head the other way - I guess she'd seen it before.

I wanted to know what happened to Whitney, but Lucy said: "Take that one out, that's the end of it."

The end of it? It was just getting going!

"Put the one with the blue cover in," Lucy said.

While I changed the tapes Lucy rummaged in her box of tricks.

Now she lay on her back, one foot on the sofa, one foot on the floor. She motioned me to kneel between her legs.

She was holding what looked like one of those things African heads of state are fond of carrying: a wooden handle a foot long from which came twenty or so thin strands of leather, each eighteen inches long. Perhaps it was only a fly swatter, but I didn't think Lucy had that use in mind.

She handed me what I took to be an anal vibrator.

"When I do this," Lucy said, gripping my left ear, "put that up my arse. When I do this," and she flicked her cat o'twenty tails over my shoulder onto my back, "it means I don't like what you are doing. If I do this," and she put her hand on my head and pushed it towards her cunt, "it means suck me, and this" - she pushed hard down on my head - "means we're getting to a good bit and I want to come. Oh, and this," she gripped my right ear, "means I want your tongue up my arsehole, as far as it will go. Do you understand?"

Left ear, vibrator, right ear tongue. "Yes, madam, I think so."

The video was running. Lucy put her hand on my head and settled back. I moved into position, and extended my tongue towards her waiting sex.

Yum yum. I licked and nibbled gentle at her lips. I could hear the video but could not see it. However, I think they were speaking Danish. There were two girls but I had no idea what they were doing. But Lucy was certainly enjoying it, she was gushing mouthfuls of lubricant.

Coming up for breath I sneaked a quick look at the TV. In fact there were three girls, two standing, one kneeling. One of the standing girls was pulling the hair of the kneeling girl, pulling her head back. The other girl was verbally abusing the kneeling girl, who was doing her best to nod at appropriate times.

But this did not seem good enough for the abusing girl and she slapped the kneeling girl across the face. The other girl released her hair and pushed her onto the floor.

I must have looked for too long as Lucy brought the cat o'twenty down hard on my back. It stung.

"Oi," Lucy said. "Get on with it. Do what you're told."

I got on with it. From the TV I could hear slaps and cries of pain, orders being shouted at the submissive girl. It was hard to know exactly what was happening, but my guess was that the girl who was shouting the orders was masturbating while her friend did terrible things to the submissive girl.

Lucy was definitely enjoying it and it wasn't long before I felt her hand pressing my head down onto her. I pressed the flat of my tongue against her clitty, making my tongue as soft as I could, then flicked it from side to side as fast as I could.

As Lucy came, the poor girl on the screen must have been getting a terrible lashing as she was howling constantly while at least one of her tormentors came very noisily indeed.

I assumed that was it, that madam was now satiated. How wrong I was.

Lucy gave me the signal for the anal vibrator. It slipped into her easily, her arse crack running as it was with her cunt juice. When it was safely buzzing away, I turned to the screen to see a male and female couple - that was a change - fucking on a bed. How normal. Until a collie dog jumped up onto the bed. The couple stopped and the girl welcomed her pet, speaking affectionately to it in Danish.

Well, much to the dog's delight, the girl lay him down on the bed and applied her mouth to his little cock while her boyfriend gave her arsehole a good fucking - doggie fashion.

I felt the cat o' twenty on my back again, so I reattended to madam's cunt. Before too long, to sounds of a happily whining dog being sucked off by a gorgeous Danish girl whose arsehole was being fucked by her boyfriend, I felt Lucy's hand urging my head to closer union with her clitty as I fucked her arsehole with the vibrator.

Lucy came easily.

As the next scene from Danish life came on, Lucy wanted me to tongue her arsehole. I couldn't see what was happening on the screen. When you're up to your tonsils in someone's arsehole and your nose is up their cunt all you can see is pubic hair if you think about it.

As I alternately tickled the brown rim of her anus and shoved my tongue as far up her arsehole as I could, enjoying the saltiness of her, I could hear two girls on the TV but had no idea what they were doing.

"Look," Lucy said.

I pulled my tongue out of her arsehole and looked at the TV to see what was causing Lucy's cunt and arsehole to contract and relax, contract and relax so excitedly.

This time it was two girls licking a donkey's huge dong. Watching were a man and a woman, both masturbating but also holding a young man, he can't have been more than 21, who obviously did not want to be there and was disgusted by the whole thing. They were urging him to play with himself, doing it to him themselves whenever he stopped.

Lucy thought I had seen enough so gave me a crack with the cat o'twenty.

I went back to licking her arse. Lucy started to wank herself furiously with her fingers. I pushed my tongue back up her arsehole, fucking it in and out of her.

"Quick!" Lucy said. "Wank on my tits. Quickly!"

I stood up, cock in hand.

"Out of the way!" she said.

I moved out of her line of sight.

"Now, now!" Lucy said. "Come on, now!"

Just before I came I glanced around at the TV. The donkey was shooting its load all over the two girls' faces and tits. I spunked over Lucy. I thought it would be just a dribble after such a day, but it jetted out onto her face, her tits, and finally splattering down onto her stomach. She shut her eyes to imagine donkey spunk showering all over her.

When Lucy came round she started to move globs of my come onto her nipples, using it as lubricant for some nipple massaging.

I sank to the ground, knackered.

"Lick it off me," Lucy said.

Wearily I moved to lie on her. I sucked each of her nipples in turn. Suddenly I began to feel queasy, not from licking my spunk off her tits, just from sheer exertion. I sank onto the sofa beside her.

"I don't feel so good," I said.

"You look a bit pale, do you want some water?"

I nodded. She fetched me a glass of water and a glass of brandy. I looked away from the screen - the scene with the bull wasn't helping settle my system.

"There we are," Lucy said soothingly. She stroked my brow. "Have a rest if you like."

"Thanks, I will. Then I'd better be off." I lay back on the sofa. Lucy stopped the video and took her box of tricks out.

I dozed off. I don't know how long I was asleep. I woke with a start and looked up. I closed my eyes and opened them again. The apparition was still there. page

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