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Paula Dominates Girls

Paula - Erotic Fiction

Chapter 7: Lesbian Lovers Discovered By Husband

I don't know why, but I had an urge to force something up her arse. I picked up the whip, I rubbed the handle between my legs - for the pleasure and to lubricate it. I crossed to Heather. I didn't care now whether she wanted this or not - I wanted it and she was in no position to argue. I parted her buttocks with the fingers of one hand and found her arsehole with the end of the whip handle and pushed. It wouldn't go in, so I stretched her as wide apart as I could and pushed again, this time feeling some give and then it was in. Heather stood there in silence. Once the knob on the end was in I let go and stood back to look at her. It looked as though she was crapping the whip. I picked up the cane and hit her with it, then I hit her again, then I dropped the cane and masturbated myself, then I went to her and pushed my body against her back, feeling her warm softness against me.

I heard a sound behind me. I turned and there in the doorway of our pleasure room stood a handsome man in a smart suit.

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