Paula - Erotic Fiction

Chapter 7: Lesbian Lovers Discovered By Husband

I don't know why, but I had an urge to force something up her arse. I picked up the whip, I rubbed the handle between my legs - for the pleasure and to lubricate it. I crossed to Heather. I didn't care now whether she wanted this or not - I wanted it and she was in no position to argue. I parted her buttocks with the fingers of one hand and found her arsehole with the end of the whip handle and pushed. It wouldn't go in, so I stretched her as wide apart as I could and pushed again, this time feeling some give and then it was in. Heather stood there in silence. Once the knob on the end was in I let go and stood back to look at her. It looked as though she was crapping the whip. I picked up the cane and hit her with it, then I hit her again, then I dropped the cane and masturbated myself, then I went to her and pushed my body against her back, feeling her warm softness against me.

I heard a sound behind me. I turned and there in the doorway of our pleasure room stood a handsome man in a smart suit.

"Oops," he said. "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt."

"It's OK, it's only Derek," Heather said. "Hello, darling."

"Don't mind me, I'm off for my run anyway."

"Say hello to our guest," Heather chided. "Paula."

"Hello, Paula," Derek said.

"Hello," I said.

And Derek went back into the bedroom.

The spell had been broken and Heather and I both knew it.

"Oh well, I suppose I'd better make the lord and master's tea. Do you want to untie me?"

"Perhaps I should just leave you there," I said. But I undid the straps.

Heather pulled the whip out of her arse then put her arms around me and gave me a big sloppy kiss.

"Thank you," she said. "That was good. We were just getting going too, weren't we? Oh, there he goes - wave."

I looked out of the window. Derek was trotting across the lawn setting his watch. He turned and waved to us then set off for some serious running.

"Bath?" Heather said.

We sat at opposite ends of the bath.

"And I thought you weren't into that sort of thing," Heather said when we had got settled.

"I didn't think I was," I said.

"Most girls are so whimpish they just won't do it at all hard."

"It really turned me on," I said.

She nodded knowingly at me. "Come here," she said.

We twined our legs around each other's waists and kissed. She stroked my breasts and did that thing to my nipples.

"How do you do that?" I said.

She put my hand on her breasts. "Squeeze the nipple between thumb and forefinger. Roll it, fold your forefinger underneath, squeeze and twist, then take your hand away squeezing and twisting as you go."

I followed her instructions.

"That's it," she said. "Now do it at lightening speed."

I did.

"Now again, but squeeze much much harder, and do it even faster."

I followed her instructions, evoking a little "ah!" from her.

"That's it," she said. "Hard and very fast. Like a little electric shock, isn't it?"

We relaxed back in the bath.

"Won't Derek be back soon?" I said.

"He'll be gone for an hour, an hour exactly. Then he'll have a shower downstairs, then a swim, then he'll come up and change, then he'll have a glass of Chablis, just one, and read his mail, then we'll eat."

"Pretty organised sort of a bloke then," I said.

"Good fuck, though. Absolutely rock hard dick, like a piece of iron. Come on, mustn't fall behind schedule. Will you stay for dinner?" she said.

I went downstairs to find my clothes then helped Heather in the kitchen. Derek returned from his run, had his shower and we heard him dive into the pool.

"Let's go and say hello, shall we?"

We took our glasses of wine through to the pool. Derek was doing high speed lengths. We sat down and watched him. "Fit as a flee," Heather said.

His quota done, Derek heaved himself out of the pool. He wasn't wearing any trunks.

"Hello," he said picking up a large towel and drying himself unselfconsciously. "Sorry I interrupted you earlier, looked like you were having a great time."

"We were, darling," Heather said heavily. "How was your day?"

Derek wrapped the towel around his waist. "Business as usual. I'll go and get dressed." He gave Heather a 'hello' kiss then went upstairs.

When he came back down, immaculately dressed in cream coloured trousers and a yellow shirt, Heather had his mail and glass of ice cold Chablis waiting.

"Paula's husband is away," Heather said as Derek opened his letters.

"Yes? What does he do?" Derek asked without raising his eyes from his correspondence.

"He's a dentist. He's abroad running a course or something," I said.

"Oh, whereabouts?" Derek asked.

"Not quite sure actually," I said. "Somewhere in the Middle East, I think. Lovely place you have," I said changing the subject.

Derek lifted his eyes. "Yes. I was lucky really, in the right place at the right time when we were bought out by the bank."

"It wasn't luck, you and John engineered it!" Heather said.

"Well," Derek shrugged. "We gave things a helping hand."

We had dinner in the dining room. Fresh fruit to start, lemon sole, fresh vegetables, new potatoes - all part of a planned, balanced diet, no doubt.

There was a lull in the conversation, so I said to Heather: "Can I ask you how old you are?"

"'Course you can. What do you reckon?"

"I don't know, thirty, thirty one?" I erred a couple of years on the side of caution.

Heather laughed. "Thirty seven," she said.

"Gosh," I said genuinely surprised. "What's you secret?"

"Er, carrot juice, drink loads of water and plenty of exercise. Oh, and plenty of sex. What about Derek?" she asked.

Derek was tall and wiry, slight flecks of grey in his full head of hair. "About... thirty eight, thirty nine?"

"Forty five," Heather said with some pride.

"Carrot juice, loads of water..." I started to say and Heather joined me in reciting the mantra.

"And you?" Heather said.

"A tender, innocent twenty three," I said. Heather laughed.

We took our coffee, decaffeinated of course, through to the sitting room.

"Have you ever been with someone as old as Derek?" Heather asked.

"No, can't say I have."

"Oh well, it'll be a new experience for you then, won't it?"

"Oh," I said, taken aback.

"Come and sit by me," Heather said, ignoring my surprise.

I sat beside her on the sofa. She kissed me and started to stroke my breasts. I responded.

"You realise we haven't touched each other," Heather said, kissing my ear. "Would you like me to touch you?" she said.

"Yea," I said.

Heather put her hand up my skirt and I felt her pressing my damp knickers against my cunt. It felt nice. We kissed passionately. I really liked her, I liked the way she kissed me, I liked the way she was touching me.

Heather started to unbutton my blouse. "Have you ever lived with a woman?" she asked.

"No, I haven't, have you?"

"Oh yes," Heather said. She opened my blouse and traced a finger along the line of my bra. "While I was a student I shared a flat with a girl."

Heather reached behind me and undid my bra. Derek was sitting in his chair watching us. He smiled at me encouragingly. I helped Heather take my blouse and bra off then settled back to be petted by her. I wanted to know more about her student girlfriend.

"Were you just sharing or living together?"

Heather laughed. "Well, we were just sharing at first, but you know how these things happen." She was sitting beside me, half turned towards me, softly stroking my naked breasts. "What do you think of Derek?" she said.

Never mind Derek, I thought. I wanted to know about her and her girl friend. "I think he's quite fanciable," I said honestly. "What happened with you and her, how did it start?"

"Well, we'd been sharing together for months before anything happened. We both had boyfriends and all that." Heather put her hand up my skirt again. "Gosh," she said. "Was that the thought of Derek or me and my girlfriend?" she said. "Stand up, I want you naked and me and Derek fully clothed. Let's show Derek how wet you are."

I stood up and Heather took down my skirt and my knickers and we sat down again. She put her hand on my cunt then slipped two fingers up inside me. "You do want to hear about it, don't you? Well, we were just good friends, we had separate bedrooms. We'd sometimes sit around in our underwear without a second thought and we'd wander in to the bathroom when the other one was in the bath, but that was it really." Heather was rubbing my clitty now. "One Sunday morning - Jane was out - I was in the bath, reading a book actually, and feeling a bit randy so I started to play with myself - a long slow wank in the bath - just like this..." Heather played with me to show what she meant. "I was half dozing I think. I didn't hear Jane come in, and the next thing I knew I was roused from my reverie by Jane saying: 'Oh, sorry! Need any help?' She was joking of course, but I'd been having a lesbian fantasy and still half asleep I said: 'Yes please.' Jane was taken aback but said: 'really?' and I said: 'Hmmm, yes.' And Jane came over to the bath, moved my hand away and touched me. And one thing led to another and we moved in to the same bedroom, ditched our boyfriends and had almost a year of pretty passionate lesbian love making."

I was jealous and excited, excited by her tale and by her making love to me in front of her husband.

"Let me taste you," Heather said. "Let me see if you're ready for Derek."

I was ready for anything. Heather went down on me. First she leaned forwards and kissed my pubic hair, then she slipped on to the floor and knelt between my legs and put her mouth to me and put her tongue out and lapped at my clitty.

I closed my eyes and let the pleasure sweep over me. I felt hands on my breasts, rough hands. Derek was now sitting beside me on the sofa caressing me. Both of them were still fully clothed.

"Get your cock out," Heather said.

Derek undid his flies and got his cock out. It certainly looked rock hard. Longer but thinner than Josh's cock. Derek didn't touch himself.

"Sit on his lap," Heather said.

I got up and lowered myself onto his cock, holding it to guide it in to me. It was absolutely rock hard.

"Stay still," Heather said. I wasn't used to being directed like this, but I was discovering that it was quite fun just to be told what to do. I began to understand why Jennie had liked it.

I sat still, impaled on Derek's cock. Heather went down on me again, licking the base of Derek's cock then up to my clitty. It was heavenly.

"Oh for a camera!" I said.

"Camera? Why?" Heather said.

"To show Josh. He'd love it!"


"Oh yes. It really turns him on me being fucked by someone else. And a picture..."

"Don't go away," Heather said.

She went out for a moment. Derek was making slow, smooth thrusts into me, fucking me in slow motion.

"Smile!" Heather said. And the flash went. It took a minute for the Polaroid to emerge. It looked great. Me, cunt open, my little clitty clearly exposed riding a fully clothed Derek, though he seemed to be hiding behind me.

He looked at the picture and said: "That's OK." He was anonymous enough.

"Do you want one of you sucking him?" Heather asked.

"Yes please!"

"Go on then," Heather said. "Kneel on the floor, show your arse to the camera and get that cock in your mouth."

Derek's cock tasted of me and I liked the taste. Heather took another picture. "Now kneel over the sofa," she said. "Derek will give you a good fuck doggy style."

Derek knelt on the floor behind me and pushed his cock up my willing cunt. But he wasn't passive, slow or smooth now. He started to fuck me energetically. Strangely I had an image of him setting his watch as he had at the start of his run. He was still fully dressed - apart from his cock sticking out of his flies, of course.

Heather took a couple more pictures then came and kissed and stroked me as Derek gave me what for. And how he did.

"That's his thing," Heather said to me quietly. "Doing it fully clothed." Heather put her hand between my legs and played with me as Derek fucked me.

"Take a picture when I come," I gasped. "Please?"

Heather picked up the camera and I turned towards her.

"Come on Derek, she's nearly there, babe."

Derek held my shoulders and thrust into me at great speed now. My nipples rubbed pleasurably on the material of the sofa as he moved me back and forth.

"Yes," I said. "Yes, just like that!" I was way up there now.

"Look up!" Heather said.

I looked at the camera.

"Come on, come on," Heather said encouragingly. "Come for the camera, Paula, come for the camera."

I could feel myself starting to come. "Yes," I said. "Coming now, coming for the camera!" And I came, and I felt Derek buck and heard him give a long low growl then I felt him spurting his spunk up in to me and I was in the midst of orgasm and Heather said "Look up!" and I looked up and the flash went and the flash faded and I sagged and Derek crumpled and Heather took another picture.

"Turn over," Heather said.

Derek pulled out of me. Heather made me sit on the edge of the sofa, my legs wide apart and the flash went again.

"Spunky cunt," she said.

Derek was sitting beside me on the sofa, his erection rapidly subsiding.

"Thank you," he said. "I really enjoyed that." He kissed me.

"So did I," I said.

"There's one left," Heather said. Heather, still also fully dressed, handed the camera to Derek, pushed three fingers up my spunk cunt, kissed me, we both looked at the camera and Derek took the picture.

"Well," Derek said. "I'll leave you two to it. Board meeting in London tomorrow. I'll sleep in the spare room." He gave Heather a peck on the cheek and bid us good night.

I was disappointed. Derek was a good fuck and I wanted some more of him.

"You'll have to come round one weekend when he has more time," Heather said, sensing my disappointment.

"Maybe I should ring his secretary for an appointment," I said.

Heather laughed. "Yes, he is a bit like that, everything precision organised to the second. But looks like you'll just have to put up with me. What would you like to do?"

I'd enjoyed her making the decisions so said: "Up to you." But we looked at each other and realised that the passion had gone.

"Do you want to go and have a shower?" Heather said. "Use the one by the pool."

I showered and Heather wrapped a hot robe around me when I'd done.

"I'd like to sleep with you," she said.

For some reason her saying that excited me.

"I haven't spent a whole night with another woman, just the two of us for, I don't know, ages. How about you?" she said.

I didn't want to admit that I'd never spent a night with a woman: "Quite a while," I said.

It was only nine o'clock but we went upstairs.

"There's a spare toothbrush in the cupboard," Heather said. And we got ready for bed just as any married couple might.

Once in bed, both naked, we snuggled up together. "Fun, isn't it?" Heather said. "Who needs men anyway?"

We giggled and kissed and petted each other like two schoolgirls being naughty together for the first time. Pretty soon it got passionate.

"I haven't come all day," Heather said. "Will you make love to me?"

"Of course I will," I said. "Whatever you want."

Heather kicked the covers off us and lay on her back.

"Go down on me, and squeeze my nipples, hard, really hard, so it hurts."

She wanted pain and I gave it to her. I tongued all around her cunt, her arsehole, wetting her all over. I squeezed her nipples and she muttered 'harder' so I squeezed them harder until I heard her "Oh!" of pain and I relented but she said "no, harder!". And I licked her cunt and tortured her nipples then wanted pleasure myself so I sixty nined her and forced my arse down on her face and rubbed it against her face until I came and she came then I turned around and kissed her, tasting my cunt in her mouth, she tasting her cunt in my mouth.

In the morning we were woken very early by Derek getting his clothes from the wardrobe. He kissed a drowsy Heather and exited quietly.

I had to go to work. I'd had so much time off I was in danger of getting the sack, besides, I didn't want to impose upon Heather's hospitality. I started to get out of bed.

"Where are you going?" Heather asked.

"Got to go to work too," I said.

Heather was disappointed. "Oh, I thought we could spend the day together. I could show you some more of my toys."

"Thanks, but I have to go. I don't think Derek would approve of me sloping off work, would he?"

"Hmmm. Too right," Heather said.

I got up, showered and dressed. Heather had gone back to sleep. I sat on her side of the bed and stroked her hair. She half opened her eyes.

"Bye," I said. "It's been great, thank you."

"Write your phone number by the hall phone, will you? Have you got mine - it's on the phone."

"OK. I want to see you again," I said.

"I want to too," Heather said.

I left her to her slumber. page

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