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Paula - Erotic Fiction

Chapter 12: Nipple Torture

When we got back from Crete I rang Heather. She asked if I'd like to come over the next day, she said she was having a visitor I might be interested in. I readily accepted.

When I got there the door was opened by a slim Chinese girl wearing a simple white dress.


"Come in please," she said. "Heather upstairs."

I followed the girl upstairs and into Heather's pleasure room. Heather was lying naked on the leather bed, arms and legs spreadeagled, her wrists and ankles tightly tied down.

"Hello, gorgeous," she said brightly. "Come and give me a kiss."

We kissed then she said: "This is Mo, Mo, Paula. Mo's going to have some fun, I thought you might like to watch."

Mo had picked up two prods, both connected to a box which was plugged in to the mains. She touched one prod to Heather's left breast.

"Just a little one to start," Mo said, and she touched the other prod to the tip of the nipple. I saw Heather twitch.

"Nice?" Mo said.

"Yea," Heather said with relish.

"Doesn't it hurt?" I asked.

"Hurt?" Mo said. "No, not yet. You want try?" And she offered the prods in my direction.

"No thank you," I said earnestly.

"You enjoy watch me hurt Miss Heather?" Mo said.

"Yes," I said.

Mo touched the prods to Heather's right ear. Heather moved her head aside but Mo put the prods to her again.

"Ouch," Heather said.

Mo put the prods either side of Heather's clit.

"Mmm mmm mmm ah!" Heather went.

Mo put the prods down and taped pairs of wires either side of Heather's nipples. She turned a knob on her control box. I saw Heather's breasts twitch as the current passed through them.

"More?" Mo said, and she repeated the treatment but this time turned the knob further so that Heather let out a loud "Aah," and her whole body jolted.

Mo turned the knob so that only a small current was flowing but this time it wasn't a quick burst, she left it on. The pain seemed to build and build and Heather let out more and more sighs and she bit on her lower lip. Her cries became louder.

"You OK?" Mo said. "You want me stop?"

Heather shook her head.

"You want me turn it up?" Mo said.

Heather shook her head again.

But the pain was getting too much and Heather began to make louder and louder "ow"s and "ah"s until finally she said "please, enough!"

Mo didn't switch it off. Instead she put metal clips simultaneously on Heather's nipples. Heather screamed in agony.

Mo only smiled and said: "She like that."

I was excited and frightened. "Turn it off, Mo," I said.

"She OK," Mo said.

But Heather wasn't OK. She was screaming and there was a look of terror on her face.

"Mo, turn it off!" I said.

"You want come turn it off?" Mo said.

I leapt up and turned the knob back to zero.

Heather slumped back on the bed fighting back the tears trying to catch her breath. When she could speak she said: "Oooh, wow. Wow!"

"Are you all right, Heather?" I said.

"Ooh yes. Ah, these clamps hurt though, will you take them off for me, Paula?"

I took the clamps off her nipples. Her poor nipples were flattened and bloodshot.

"Ouch," I said, "they look painful."

"They hurt?" Mo said. And with her fingers she mercilessly squeezed and twisted Heather's suffering nipples.

"Ah ah ah," Heather went. "Yes, they hurt," she said with satisfaction.

"You want rest?" Mo said.

"No please, I'm just starting to enjoy it."

I went and sat down and decided not to interfere.

"If you want to play with yourself, or use one of my toys, please do," Heather said. "In fact I'd like it if you did."

I was ashamed of myself, but watching Heather suffering was definitely turning me on.

Mo was now holding a wand. She touched it to Heather's neck and ran it quickly down between her breasts, over her tummy, quickly jabbed at her pubic mound then stopped.

"Yeow!" Heather went. "What was that?"

"Very high voltage, like cattle prod. But really hurt bad if keep in one place, so move it like this." And Mo ran the wand quickly up Heather's legs.

"Yeow!" Heather went again.

"Nice?" Mo went.

"Phew, nice," Heather said.

Mo danced the wand around Heathers breasts, touching it against her but not leaving it in one place for more than a fraction of a second.

"It burn if keep in one place," Mo said. "You want me burn you?"

Heather shook her head.

"Hurt too much?" Mo said.

"It's not that, I don't want burns all over me."

"Not last more than day or two. I do it up here under your hair." And she pushed Heather's hair aside and put the wand just behind Heather's ear and held it there for a second. Heather shook her head to escape it but Mo held it to her. Heather screamed in agony.

Mo inspected her handiwork. "No mark, just few burnt hairs. You want I try it down here?"

Mo didn't wait for an answer. She was dancing the wand around Heather's sex, working around its perimeter, jabbing it at Heather's arsehole, bouncing it up and down on her clitty.

"Stop, stop! It's too... agh!" Heather screamed.

Heather's screams scared me. But Mo took the wand away before it all became too much for me - or for Heather.

"I thought you like that. Nice toy," Mo said.

"Gosh. It sort of hurts like hell and tingles nicely all at the same time," Heather said.

Heather seemed hungry for more. For some reason I remembered the time I'd been on the big rollercoaster in Blackpool. I experienced unbearable terror and would have given anything to be somewhere else - but two minutes after the ride finished I wanted to do it all over again.

Heather was certainly ready for more thrills.

Mo picked up what looked like a little metal vibrator, but wired to her machine, and unceremoniously shoved it up Heather's cunt. She pulled on Heather's inner lips and attached metal clips - again wired to the box. She pushed a smaller metal thing up Heather arse.

"This new one," Mo said proudly. "It vibrate, it get slowly stronger and stronger and shock is random on and off, different power each time, very clever. You first to try it. You ready?"

Heather said. "Ready." And she braced herself.

Mo flicked a switch. Heather yelped and bucked as the electricity coursed through her. For a moment she relaxed, then the next bolt came and she yelped again, and the shocks kept coming but with increasing rapidity and intensity.

"You say when turn off," Mo shouted over Heather's noise.

Heather's body was bouncing around on the bed, her wrists and ankles straining against their bonds as the shocks jolted her. Her shouts turned to screams, terrifying, blood curdling, exciting screams. I didn't touch myself, but I sat on the edge of the chair and rubbed myself against it.

"Off!" Heather screamed. "OFF! AAARRRGGGHH."

Mo flicked the switch but then looked alarmed. She flicked it again but the machine did not switch off. Heather's body was arched right up off the bed shuddering with the electricity, and she was letting out one continuous, awful scream.

"It broken!" Mo said. She flicked the switch to and fro but nothing happened.

Heather screamed, her body arched and twitching, then suddenly she was silent. But the machine was still running - Heather's silent body was still arched and shuddering.

Mo yanked the mains wire to unplug the box. Heather's body flopped like a sack of potatoes onto the bed, her head to one side. I rushed over to her.

"Heather, Heather!" I moved her head but it just flopped to the side again when I let it go. "Christ," I said. "What have you done to her?"

"She OK," Mo said unconvincingly. "Look, she still breathing. She come round in moment."

Heather was out cold for half a minute, maybe more. She came round slowly, totally disorientated. She looked at me blankly. "Paula?" she said.

"See?" Mo said. "She fine now."

"Mo," Heather said, her mind clearing. "Jees, how long was I out?"

"A few second, no more," Mo said. "You want I make you come now?" Mo had plugged her box of tricks back in to the mains. She turned it on again. "Just tickle," she said. And Heather's eyes lit up as the tickle of electricity flowed inside her from anus to cunt, from cunt to cunt lips, to Mo's machine and back round again. "Ooh, nice," Heather purred.

Mo put a huge vibrator with a round ball on its end to Heather's clitoris and pressed hard against her. "This be quick," Mo said knowingly. And it was. Within moments Heather was making noises again but this time noises of pure pleasure as she climaxed.

"Again?" Mo said not waiting for an answer but holding the buzzing ball against her.

Heather sank back to let her second orgasm build. I sat down on my chair, took my knickers off and played with myself.

"I'm going to come with you," I said to Heather. A few little rubs and I could have climaxed, but I just kept myself up there hovering at 9, all the time loving hearing Heather's sighs of pleasure as she crested each foothill. When she seemed to be reaching the peak Mo turned the machine back up again and Heather seemed to bounce up off the bed, arch and scream, but this time screamed "yes, yes!" and climaxed and went on climaxing, and was still in orgasm long after mine was passed - and then Mo pulled hard on all the wires and the vibrators popped out of Heather and the clips popped off her lips causing Heather to let out a shriek of pain that went so high that it faded to high pitched nothingness and Heather crashed down in a heap one final time, thoroughly spent.

Heather began to cry. I went over and cradled her head and kissed her. "Was it too much?" I said.

"No," Heather replied collecting herself. "Just totally drained, that's all. Did you manage to come?"

Did I manage!

"Yes," I said, "I came all right and at the same time as you."

Heather pouted and I kissed her.

Finished, Mo, packed away her things and said goodbye.

"Bye," Heather said.

"See you next week," Mo said. "Hurt you even more then, yes?" And she giggled to herself.

I went with Mo as far as the bedroom door.

"I think you hurt her quite enough today," I said. "She's not going to want you back after that, is she."

Mo laughed. "You wrong. The more you hurt the more they want you come back."

"Maybe," I said unconvinced. "But for god's sake get that machine fixed or you're going to kill someone."

Mo laughed. "Nothing wrong with machine, do that to frighten them. Don't tell," she winked at me.

I untied Heather and helped her sit up. She looked shattered and still not fully with it.

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"Are you sure you're OK?" I said solicitously.

"Hmmm, yea," Heather managed. "Do you like Mo?"

"She scares me," I said.

"Me too," Heather said. "Lovely, isn't it?"

I helped Heather into the bath and it wasn't long before she perked up. We chatted for a bit, me sitting on the loo seat, until we heard Derek come in.

"It's Friday so he'll be having a swim, go and join him if you like. Feel free if you want to fuck him or anything," Heather said.

I went downstairs. Derek was in the pool doing his regulation lengths.

"Hello," he said. "Coming in?"

Why not, I thought. I stripped off and slid into the water and swam a couple of lengths in the time it took Derek to do six.

Lengths done, we got into the Jacuzzi together.

"Did you meet Mo?" Derek asked.

"I did. Scary lady. Don't you worry about Heather, I mean it looked dangerous to me?"

"Perhaps, but I might fall off my horse and break my neck - the danger is all part of the excitement."

"Funnily enough Josh fell off a horse recently, somewhere in Oman I think it was."

"He's not one of those SAS chaps who rescued the Sultan's jewels is he?"

I froze, I absolutely froze. "What SAS chaps?" I said.

"It was in the Sunday Times a couple of weeks ago. Apparently some prince or other had a fortune in jewels stolen by some bandits and it just so happened he had been at Sandhurst with the chap who now runs the SAS and had saved his life during a training exercise or something. One good turn deserves another and all that and the next day a band of SAS chaps were on the Sultan's doorstep, chased the bandits across the dessert by jeep and horse, dispatched the lot of them, returned the jewels and were no doubt handsomely rewarded. Probably a load of old harry but a jolly good story, eh?"

Of course I knew at once that Josh had been part of it.

Heather came down and invited me to stay for dinner but I really wasn't feeling sociable so I made my excuses and drove, trembling, all the way home. page

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