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Chapter 5: Obedience

Paula hadn't told me what I should wear the following day, so I put my maid's uniform on. I made tea and toast and took it up to Paula and Josh at nine o'clock.

I walked quietly into the bedroom. Paula and Jane were sitting up in bed, naked, cuddling and kissing. Ralph was curled up asleep beside Paula. Josh was nowhere to be seen.

I was devastated. Paula was my friend, why was she kissing Jane? I put the tray down on the bedside table with a thump.

"Sammy," Paula said. "Go and get another cup."

I took my time getting the third cup.

When I came back into the bedroom Jane was in the bathroom. Paula was kneeling on the bed. Ralph was fucking her like a dog. When I put the cup down I looked at them. I could see Ralph's penis going in and out of her.

"Get out of the way, Sammy," Paula said.

I rushed out of the room, tears in my eyes.

Ralph and Jane left after lunch. Paula told me to change into my tight blue jeans and a tee shirt. She liked me in that, she said. I had some college work to do in the afternoon. By tea time I was feeling much better, realising I had been a bit silly to get upset.

Just before dinner the doorbell rang. Paula answered it and called me into the hall.

"Sammy, take Gloria's case up would you? She's staying tonight."

Gloria was a little older than Paula. She was quite pump and buxom.

I picked up Gloria's case. "Where shall I put it?" I asked.

"In your room," Paula said, as if that should have been obvious.

"Oh," I said. "Where am I sleeping?"

Paula looked at me as though I were stupid. "In your room, of course, where else?" And by way of explanation she added, "Gloria is a lesbian."

"Oh," I said.

I took Gloria's case to my room and came back down to do dinner.

We all ate together, but at dinner nobody mentioned the sleeping arrangements. After dinner I was told to go to bed.

I lay staring up at the ceiling wondering what was going to happen.

An hour later I heard footsteps on the landing. I tensed. The door opened and Gloria walked in.

"Get out of bed, Sammy," she said pleasantly.

I got out of bed and stood naked in front of her.

"Yes, you are pretty," Gloria said. She lifted her suitcase onto the dressing table and opened it. "Hold your hands out," she said.

She turned to me and I saw she was holding a tawse.

"Paula tells me you liked this at school," Gloria said. "Let's see how much you can take."

Gloria struck across my open palms, but it was barely a tap.

I smiled at her, relieved I think.

Gloria brought the tawse down across my palms a little harder. Then harder again, then harder again such that I winced slightly.

The fifth blow hurt. The sixth hurt a lot and I let out a stifled cry of pain.

"Too much?" Gloria said.

I shook my head. I wasn't going to give in.

The seventh blow was vicious. For a moment the pain took my breath away. I rubbed my hands against my thighs. I shut my eyes and bit on my lower lip, trying to hold back the tears.

"One more," Gloria said.

I held my hands out and turned my head away this time. But Gloria gave me only the mildest of taps.

"You are a brave girl," she said. "Sit down, let the stinging subside."

I sat on the edge of my bed, my hands under my armpits to help ease the stinging.

Gloria began to undress. She put her suit on a hanger, her petticoat on another hanger. She removed her bra, camiknickers and stockings and folded them carefully. I noticed that the crotch of her knickers was very wet. Gloria had very large breasts and a mass of jet black pubic hair.

She sat down on the bed beside me.

"Go down on me," she commanded. She pointed to the floor.

I knelt on the floor between her open knees. Gloria leaned back a little.

I was surprised by the size of her sex, much fuller and fleshier than either mine or Paula's.

"Well, are you going to stare at it or lick it?" Gloria said.

I moved forwards and put my mouth to Gloria's sex. I could smell her. When I had licked Paula's sex in the bathroom she had not really smelled or tasted of anything very much. Gloria tasted strongly - of woman, I suppose.

"Run your tongue all around the outside of my cunt first," Gloria said.

I followed her instructions, tracing the tip of my tongue down one side of her cunt, across and up the other side, then over her clitoris. Her clitoris felt hard and big.

Next I had to lick around the inner lips of her cunt. Then, following her instructions exactly, I took each of her inner lips into my mouth and sucked on them, sucking harder and harder until she told me when to stop.

Next I had to push my tongue into her cunt as far as I could, then move my head from side to side, my face pushed against her, my face getting covered in her wetness.

I sucked at her clitoris, making little circular movements on it with my pursed lips.

Gloria then lay down on her back and pulled her knees up to her chest.

"Push your tongue up my arsehole," she said.

I pushed my tongue into Gloria's arsehole as best I could. It tasted salty and sweaty but not unpleasant.

I then had to push my tongue in and out of her bottom, then lick up and down in the cleft between her buttocks, then flick my tongue around the entrance to her wet arsehole.

Then up to her cunt again, licking as deeply inside her as I could manage.

"Expose my clit," Gloria said. "With your fingers."

I eased back the hood covering her clitoris. Following her instructions, I put the tip of my tongue on her naked clitoris, barely touching it. Then I had to put my lips to her clitoris and suck it very gently, then rub the flat of my tongue from side to side over it.

"Paula was right, you are a natural. And obedient, aren't you. Right," she said suddenly sitting upright, "into the bathroom."

Gloria picked some things up from the dressing table. I followed her through to the bathroom. I could still smell her strongly. I realised her smell was on my face.

Gloria unscrewed the head from the shower fitting beside the lavatory and replaced it with a short nozzle. She ran the water, adjusting it to a warm trickle.

"Come here, Sammy, turn around and bend forward."

I did as she said. Gloria put her hand on my bottom, pushing my buttocks apart with her fingers. I felt the warm water on me. Gloria pushed the nozzle into my bottom. I could feel the water filling me up. A strange but not unpleasant feeling.

"Clench your muscles as I take it out," Gloria instructed.

She pulled the nozzle out of my bottom. The feeling of being filled with water was the same as when I desperately needed to go to the lavatory.

"Sit on the loo and let it all out," Gloria said.

A few weeks ago, a few days ago, I could not have imagined doing anything so personal in front of another person, but strangely I felt no embarrassment at all as I sat on the lavatory and let all the water whoosh out of me.

Gloria handed me some loo paper.

"Stand up, we'll do it again."

She filled my arse up once more, and once more I sat on the loo and released it.

"You do it this time," Gloria said, handing me the hose. "But be very careful. If you ever do this on your own just a trickle and only for a few seconds otherwise you can kill yourself."

Her words sent a shudder through me. But I pushed the hose into my bottom, taking pleasure from the water as it ran into me. I left it in a little longer than Gloria had. I pulled the hose out. Gloria made me wait for a minute or two before giving me permission to sit on the lavatory and let it out.

"When Paula says 'wash', that is what she will mean. But never more than a tiny trickle for a few seconds. In fact, just press the shower head against your arsehole, it's safer. Practice filling yourself up that way. Carefully," Gloria said. "Now, have a shower."

I used the main shower while Gloria replaced the other shower's head. She passed the nozzle that had been up my bottom to me to wash.

I dried and we went back into the bedroom.

"You're a virgin, but not intact, Paula tells me, is that right?"

"Yes," I said. "Horse riding when I was twelve." I remembered being frightened to death at the time. Gloria was the first person I'd ever told.

Gloria had got several things out of her case and placed them neatly on the dressing table. She laid a towel on the bed.

"Come here," she said.

I stood beside her. Gloria was holding a piece of wood, slightly thicker than a pencil and ornately carved. She put it into my sex, then pulled it out again.

"This time," she said, "grip it. Try and hold it in place."

She slid it into me again.

"Tighten your muscles," she said.

I tried as best I could to find and tighten the right muscles, but Gloria pulled it out of me again easily.

"Hopeless," she said. "Do this every evening. You see it's got a hook on the end? Hang weights on it, I'll leave you some. Practice every night in front of the mirror. Walk around the room. If you can keep it there with this one on you're doing well." She was holding up the largest of the weights.

I didn't understand what it was all for but I said I would practice every day.

"Good girl. Lie down on your back on the bed," she said. "Hands over your head and legs apart."

When I had spread-eagled myself on the bed for her, Gloria tied my wrists and ankles to the bedposts. I was helpless.

She sprayed my pubic hair with white foam from an aerosol can. She picked up a razor, a man's razor. With three quick strokes she had shaved off most of my pubic hair. I was surprised that it hurt. I lifted my head up to watch what she was doing. Deftly she shaved the rest of the hair from my pubic mound, then from around my sex. I moved my knees apart to help her, as far as my tied ankles would permit anyway.

When she had finished she drew the towel up between my legs and wiped away the foam and pubic hair. She shaved away some bits she had missed, then she washed me with a hot flannel. She dried me and took the towel away.

She told me I was to keep myself shaven and to use hair remover to keep myself soft and smooth from now on.

I was enjoying being tied up, quite unable to resist anything she might want to do to me.

"You've never used one of these, have you?" Gloria was holding up a white vibrator. I knew what it was.

"No," I said.

"I'll show you how."

I think I almost gurgled with delight at the thought of her doing that to me.

But Gloria stood beside the bed, put one foot up over my head, up onto the pillow beside my head so that I was looking straight up at her open cunt.

She pushed the vibrator into herself. I could hear its low pitched buzzing. I watched as Gloria slid it in and out of herself. She stirred it around, then took it out and rubbed its buzzing end over her clitoris, sometimes lightly, sometimes pressing hard. All this just inches above my face.

Gloria wasn't looking at me, she was watching herself in the wall mirror, smiling at herself.

I wanted to masturbate as I watched her. But I think the fact that I couldn't was a greater pleasure.

Gloria did not bring herself to an orgasm. When she had shown me how she used the vibrator she let me taste it, putting its end into my mouth and telling me to suck it.

Then Gloria crouched down over me and rubbed her cunt up and down on my face. She told me to put my tongue out so it would catch her clitoris each time she moved back and forth.

When she had made me smell of her again she got off the bed and went to get something from her box of tricks on the dressing table. It looked like two short chopsticks side by side with a screw tightener at one end.

Gloria came over to me. She put the thing onto my left nipple, squeezing my nipple between the two pieces of wood. She tightened the screw. It began to hurt. I bit on my lower lip until I could stand it no more then I squealed out in pain. Gloria stopped tightening but did not release the pressure. I tried to blot out the pain but I could not.

Gloria put another clamp on my right nipple and turned it to the same painful tightness. I didn't think I was going to be able to bear it. She stood back and looked at me, my face screwed up in agony.

"Try and relax," she said.

After a minute or two the pain began to subside. I felt my body relax and I let out a sigh of relief. The sharpness of the pain had gone. Then I felt a sudden wave of intense pleasure.

"Better now?" Gloria said.

I nodded. "Hmmm, much better," I said.

"Paula said you'd enjoy pain."

Paula was right. She seemed to know more about me than I did myself.

I closed my eyes and resigned myself to whatever Gloria was going to do to me. I had a wonderful sense of peace.

Gloria took the clamps off my nipples. For a moment it hurt terribly, but then it felt very nice, very nice as the pain stopped completely. I remembered the surge of warmth I had felt that time at school after I had been tawsed in front of the class. A similar warmth now engulfed me. Now of course I recognised that warmth for what it was - sexual arousal. Now I wanted Gloria to use me, to hurt me, to pleasure me. To do whatever she wanted to me.

"Good night," Gloria said.

"What?" I said opening my eyes.

Gloria was walking out. She closed the bedroom door behind her, leaving the light on.

She left me like that all night, tied spread-eagled on the bed. I slept on and off.

At seven o'clock the next morning Gloria came back. She was dressed now.

She didn't say anything to me. She picked something up from the dressing table, I couldn't see exactly what it was, but I could see some wires and some oblong bits of white plastic.

She put something from a tube onto the plastic oblongs. Then without ceremony she forced one of them into my bottom. Lying on my back meant it did not go in easily. She pushed the other two plastic oblongs into my cunt. She turned a switch and wow! The plastic things started vibrating and jumping around inside me.

Next she put a little belt around my waist and strung another belt between my legs. On this belt there was a plastic pad which was pressed against my clitoris. It too was connected to Gloria's switch. It too was buzzing like mad. The sheer pleasure of it all began to overwhelm me.

Gloria squeezed my nipples between her fingers and thumbs. She squeezed as hard as she could causing me to cry out in pain before I managed to control myself. Gloria did not release her grip. I gritted my teeth until I felt the pain ease and immediately then I began to orgasm, my body bucking uncontrollably up and down as the most intense orgasm swept me away.

Gloria did not stop squeezing. She did not stop the devices buzzing away at me.

"Watch yourself in the mirror," she said. "When you come this time, keep your eyes open, see the expression on your face," she said.

I could feel it coming again, only seconds after the first orgasm. I came, watching myself in the mirror, my body jerking up off the bed.

Gloria still had not released her grip on my nipples. But now after my second orgasm the pain returned and seemed worse than before.

"Please," I said. "It hurts."

Gloria took her right hand from my nipple and slapped me across the face. She took hold of my nipple again, but now she squeezed it and twisted it so that I was in agony. It was unbearable. I fought against my bonds to try and free myself.

Then she let go of me. After a second, relief swept through me and suddenly I was coming again, having my third orgasm.

After I had come I felt drained. Gloria switched off the vibrators. She took off the belt. She pulled the plastic oblongs out of my sex and out of my bottom. She untied my wrists, she untied my ankles.

"I hope I didn't hurt you," she said.

I sat up. "Not one bit," I said.

Gloria laughed. "Paula is right. You are a good girl. But you must not complain or question. Ever. Do you understand that?"

I did understand.

"You will do whatever you are told without hesitation," Gloria said.

"Of course," I said.

"Up you get then. Get dressed and bring us breakfast in bed, will you?"

"Yes, I'd love to do that," I said.

I dressed quickly in jeans and tee shirt and went down to make breakfast.

I went into Paula and Josh's bedroom. Josh was having a shower. Paula and Gloria were lying in bed with their arms around each other. I felt so happy I wanted to give them both a big kiss.

Paula sat up. "I thought you'd like Gloria," she said. "Go out for a walk now, Sammy. Gloria and I are going to spend the morning in bed shoving things up each other, aren't we, Gloria?"

"I hope you have a nice time," I said.

"Sammy, you're such a sweetheart. Off you go, and get some Parmesan cheese while you're out, would you?"

"Yes," I said. I couldn't stop smiling I was so happy.

The following Tuesday morning when Paula, Josh and I were at breakfast Paula said I was to make sure that at college someone saw up my skirt, saw that I was shaven and they had to know that I had let them see my cunt quite intentionally. The thought sent a thrill through me.

During Classification I sat in the front row. When Mr Clunes was in full flow I smiled sweetly at him and opened my legs just enough for him to see me clearly. I saw him look, then look again, then look very purposefully away, by which time he had completely lost his thread. He took a while to retrieve it.

Paula was pleased with me when I told her.

"Tomorrow, do it again," she said. "Only this time let someone else see your naked and shaven cunt. A girl."

During morning break I sat in the common room opposite Phillipa Brain, a first year chemist. I dropped a book on the floor and when I shifted forwards in my chair to pick it up I 'accidentally' let my legs splay open. I glanced up and saw she had noticed. She could hardly fail to. I smiled at her. She looked away pretending she hadn't seen. I had to stop myself laughing.

That evening I had to serve Paula and Josh dinner completely naked. They both admired my shaven cunt, saying how pretty it looked. I enjoyed putting my foot up on Josh's chair so he could look closely at my cunt.

After dinner, when Josh had gone out, Paula and I settled down in the sitting room for one of our chats. I was still naked. I had to sit in the chair opposite her my legs apart exposing myself to her.

"You don't feel the slightest bit self-conscious any more, do you, Sammy?"

"No," I said. "Why should I?"

"Not even about letting people see up your skirt, look at your cunt in public?"

"No," I said.

"In fact, I think you enjoy it," Paula said.

Of course she was right.

"Right. From now on," Paula said, "you will always wear underwear unless I tell you not to. Knickers and a bra. You will do everything to regain your reputation for modesty at college. Is that clear?"

"Yes," I said. I was disappointed.

"Well then," Paula said, changing the subject. "I suppose we ought to think about getting you fucked. I've made an appointment at the clinic for you tomorrow afternoon. We'll put you on the pill. We'll make your first time something very special, very special indeed. Soft lights, gentle seduction, a night of passion. It'll be something wonderful I promise." She fell silent, deep in thought.

I hoped it would be soon.

When I got up to my room I found several carrier bags on my bed. They all contained underwear. Bras, knickers, suspenders, stockings - some flimsy, some utilitarian - all lovely because Paula had bought them for me. page

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